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Just ‘Sue this Side’

Even if you don’t need this help, share it. It might help someone who does not know whom to approach.


For some moments in life there are no words. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is one such situation. As I see the news channels talk about him, they say that a successful actor who had a bright future, how can he take a step like this… He seemed like a very confident person… Discussing how actors are living in the limelight and have everything that they want.
Looking at his Instagram, twitter handle or news channels, the reasons for his suicide are assumed.

Yet for everyone, the cause of death would remain – ‘suicide.’
Is suicide the real cause of death? Did he really die because of suicide?
The cause of death is depression in the form of anxiety, low frustration tolerance, hurt, guilt and many more such negative unheathy emotions.
How do we miss this point that mind also deserves to be healthy like our brain. The way blood flow through our brain, thoughts are a vital part of our mind.

Mental health is such a shame to discuss. ‘You are a man- You can’t cry!’ ‘It is so stupid of you to make such a silly mistake!’ ‘You are a coward if you commit suicide!’ ‘Did he/she drink?’ Why does he/she have so many tattoos or piercings – I think their company is not good!’ We don’t stop the process of labelling people while they are alive and even after they are gone.

None of us would want this. But we can’t just show concern because these numbers are increasing by the day.

If we want to change something, we have to educate ourselves and bring more acceptance towards mental health. Things that work for us may not work for others. Let’s be flexible and accepting. Listen to comfort & understand not just to reply.
We need to build a compassionate environment so that people can at least share things with us. Regret is not enough.

To all those people who are thinking of taking this extreme step, please learn to know your own unhealthy negative emotions. Know yourself. We all know that what is right and what is wrong but we get stuck as to ‘how’ we should work on it. Get over the disease of ‘I can’t stand it – itis’.

You can make this change. You are capable. You just need to make choices differently. Un-Learn to Re-learn.
Not to prove anything to anyone. Just for your own goal of happiness and self acceptance.

As a mental health professional I lend my unconditional, non-judgemental support to every single person and I really hope people share this, so that we can stop every single person from taking this step. Let’s begin right NOW.

Warm regards,
Anamikaa Mishra – Counseling Psychologist – Enliven Counseling & Psychotherapy.

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