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Enliven and Me…

I began my journey with Enliven in 2010. Along with my qualification in Masters in Applied Psychology and my experience in the field, I also have the ability to empathize with every individual problem and thereby give them personalized therapy as I genuinely believe that every person is unique and so are their problems.

My natural connect to humor and reaching out to every age group of my clients have always developed a better rapport with them and thereby I come across as a very approachable person. This has made every client comfortable at sharing their life experiences with ease and helped me in solving complex problems of individuals to promote their long-term social and mental well-being.

My work in Enliven focuses on dealing with problems through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy as I thoroughly believe that,” It is often not the problem, but the way we react to it” and therefore, I focus on issues with Emotional Disturbances due to Unhealthy Negative Emotions like Anger, Anxiety, Shame, Guilt & Low Frustration Tolerance .

Other than my work with Enliven I have also worked as a psychologist with a school in facilitating the students deal with issues like anxiety disorders, identity crisis, depression, parent – child conflicts, peer pressure to name a few.

I have conducted workshops on Stress management, Basics of counseling, Play Therapy and Role Play.Writing is something that comes naturally to me and through my blogs I bring up topics that I think need more awareness and participation in our existing world.


  1. Best Wishes Anamikaa MIshra 🙂

  2. When i first meet Anamikaa Madam, i was very sad,upset & with no hope in life.My mind was so disturbed & was thinking that i am living without any reason.A lot of difficulties,behavioral problem,unstable mind,emotionally break down & so on.That was me, when i first meet Anamikaa Madam.

    First 2-3 sessions, Anamikaa Madam only listen me carefully.Note down all the incidents of my life from beginning of my childhood to present day.

    From 3rd session onward , Anamikaa Madam started counselling which is called as R.E.B.T.-Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy & believe me, this therapy works wonderful.It works on practical approach & practical solution for the problems i faced.

    Now i have completed 12 sessions & find myself far different then earlier.I feel myself confident & strong enough to handle any of the situation properly,carefully.

    I am thankful to Anamikaa Madam who not only pull me out from this nervous break down but make me strong enough to handle worst situation in life ,if ever come across,in future.

    I wish no body should go through the situation from which i went but unfortunately if anybody face such kind of problems, i will strongly recommend to consult to Anamikaa Madam at http://www.enliven-counseling.com

    Thanks You Anamikaa Madam for all your support…

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