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Enliven and Me…

I began my journey with Enliven in 2010. Along with my qualification in Masters in Applied Psychology and my experience in the field, I also have the ability to empathize with every individual problem and thereby give them personalized therapy as I genuinely believe that every person is unique and so are their problems.

My natural connect to humor and reaching out to every age group of my clients have always developed a better rapport with them and thereby I come across as a very approachable person. This has made every client comfortable at sharing their life experiences with ease and helped me in solving complex problems of individuals to promote their long-term social and mental well-being.

My work in Enliven focuses on dealing with problems through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy as I thoroughly believe that,” It is often not the problem, but the way we react to it” and therefore, I focus on issues with Emotional Disturbances due to Unhealthy Negative Emotions like Anger, Anxiety, Shame, Guilt & Low Frustration Tolerance .

Other than my work with Enliven I have also worked as a psychologist with a school in facilitating the students deal with issues like anxiety disorders, identity crisis, depression, parent – child conflicts, peer pressure to name a few.

I have conducted workshops on Stress management, Basics of counseling, Play Therapy and Role Play.Writing is something that comes naturally to me and through my blogs I bring up topics that I think need more awareness and participation in our existing world.

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