Enliven Counseling and Psychotherapy

Enliven is a counseling and psychotherapy center situated in Kharghar,Navi Mumbai. We provide result oriented services to individuals, couples, students and children dealing with personal issues, relationship problems and issues related to sustained emotional disturbances. We believe that any issue big or small should not keep you away from leading a happy life.

Anamikaa is a counseling psychologist with a master’s degree in Applied Psychology. She is trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Theory.She strongly believes in counseling with a goal oriented approach thus helping people individually with their unique problems. She deals with individuals going through depression, relationship issues, mid-life crisis, family issues and other personal problems. She has also been school counselor during which she dealt with student and children related issues like exam fever, stage phobia, adolescence issues to name a few. She has also conducted seminars for children and adults on varied topics.

Services Offered

  • Personal/ Individual Counseling

    Anxiety Issues
    Post-Partum Depression
    Anger Management
  • Couples / Group Counseling

    Couples Counseling
    Relationship Counseling
    Family Issues
    Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Student/ Children Counseling

    Exam Fever
    Adolescent Counseling
    Stage Fright
    Learning Disorders
  • Other Services

    Seminars for Adults
    Workshops for children
    Graphology (Handwriting Analysis)
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